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My name is Racquel Morris and I have a story you need to read. It’s about my children Mason and Trevor Smith. It involves a non-parental custody claim to my children, a suit brought by Glen and Lorraine Thomas, my “parents”.

People are often quick to judge or make assumptions when a mother or father loses her/his children. While a lot of cases, the removal of children by the state is necessary. You the reader, need to understand there was no state action in my case. Glen and Lorraine never reported any alleged abuse to CPS because there was none, not by me. Their complaint for custody contained no accusations of abuse either. It all started with an Ex Parte hearing. Judge G. Edward Dwyer only heard testimony at that hearing from Glen and Lorraine Thomas with their attorney, current Judge, William “Bill” Nicklas.

I was accused of being depressed and making a threat of murder/suicide, which hospital records on this site will prove did not happen. Judge G. Edward Dwyer made bad rulings from the very beginning, denying requests for a hearing for well over a year, is just one of several. Rulings that allowed my children to be severely emotionally abused while I tried fighting to get them back. The custody evaluator appointed by Judge Dwyer, Debra Weaver PhD, regardless of the evidence given to her, either couldn’t or wouldn’t figure out the facts to make appropriate recommendations to the court. Recommendations that could’ve ended the constant emotional terror and later severe medical abuse my children endured.

Parental alienation is a huge problem in a lot of divorce/custody cases. In my case it was so severe it destroyed both Mason and Trevor, requiring psychopharmacological medication. Abuse that completely broke them yet nobody tried to stop it or acknowledge it. For 16 years mandated reporters turned blind eyes to the abuse they witnessed, abuse that was documented by all the medical/mental visits/summaries and sent to their primary care physician. When things didn’t make sense to these professionals instead of questioning why it didn’t, it was just dismissed.

This case also involves several mental health providers who contributed to the abuses of my children. One who actively directed, instructed and participated in the abuse of my boys, Kathleen Estep LCSW. Kathleen helped Glen and Lorraine orchestrate the claims which were the basis of their Ex Parte motion and Custody Complaint. Kathleen later worked with Dr. Brent Sunderland and Sue Shaffer to document abuse, not claimed in legal pleadings, abuse she and Lorraine inflicted on my children to break them, so they could claim I caused the problems. This happened during the same time period I wasn’t ever permitted to see or speak to my children and Judge Dwyer was denying my requests for a hearing.

The abuse never stopped, even after I walked away from my custody fight. A decision made after receiving Debra Weaver’s custody evaluation. After realizing the magnitude of parental alienation that was occurring. How that severe abuse was harming both my sons. I thought if I let Glen and Lorraine win, they would have no reason to further abuse my children. I assumed that if I walked away, Mark Smith (ex-husband) would still be allowed in the lives of our sons. It wasn’t until I tried to make contact with Mason on Jan 12, 2013, his 18th birthday that I realized just how horribly wrong all my assumptions turned out to be. 

Then on Dec 15, 2016, Trevor finally saw the FB message I had sent him earlier in the year and responded. It was at that time I learned about even more abuse and the increasing danger my son, Trevor, was in. During Christmas break we worked together to plan his escape. After Trevor was safely here and his new doctor started requesting medical records, it was then we discovered the severe medical abuse inflicted on Trevor.

This site documents Glen and Lorraine’s first known victim, Ivy Thomas to present. I don’t ask you to take my word for anything. This story is so unbelievable, most would dismiss it without the proof I provide. The site is broken down either by timeline or situation. To understand what happened you really need to read every chapter.

What do I hope to gain by this site? Exposure and justice. This never needs to happen to another family or child again. Glen and Lorraine Thomas committed criminal abuses of my children yet they have never been brought to justice. Perhaps their claims are true and they really do have those who can investigate, charge and prosecute in their pocket. Medical documentation laws need changing so doctors can know when patients are being medically/mentally abused by their caregivers. There are therapists, Kathleen Estep, for one, who needs to be held accountable for her abuse as well, civil and criminal action. Trevor has until his 21st birthday to bring suit against the mental health providers who contributed to his abuse and failed to report the abuse he was enduring. My hope is this story will find a path to the right lawyer for him.  

My eldest Mason Smith is still under the control and abuse of Glen and Lorraine Thomas. He is so brainwashed he refuses to question or “betray” (his written words) his grandparents. He will remain in danger as long as Glen and Lorraine escape justice. There are also elderly family members in need of protection from Glen and Lorraine’s abuse so they don’t end up like previous relatives in their “care”. Glen and Lorraine’s reign of terror, abuse and fraud needs to come to an end once and for all

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