Our Story

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This is the email I sent to police here and in Frederick, MD, the schools in both areas as well as other interested parties. In order to understand what Trevor and his brother have truly experienced, this email will be long winded with links to scans of court documents, police reports, bank records, etc. Please bear with the histrionics, our story is so unbelievable that you might be inclined to dismiss me. I beg you, please don’t, this is a serious matter and its time that Glen and Lorraine account for all their abuse.   I can guarantee you have never seen such a severe case of parental alienation, psychological and physical abuse from people you probably think would never hurt a fly. Don’t take my word for anything I tell you. Most all the records I will link you to, you too can get. Please take the time to view them all, listen to the 911 call too, only then will you truly see what we have faced. Trevor needs protected and Mason, well he needs serious therapy to attempt to undo all his abuse.   It’s hard to explain how a grown woman could be so easily manipulated by her parents. To understand how, you first need to understand their modus operandi, to do that please read what Glen did to his own mother http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/ivycomplaint.pdf   This case really shows the pattern that happens to every person they take in. It’s always about money, manipulation, fear and control. When you have fear, you think nobody will believe you, then you have zero control. Glen and Lorraine embezzled from Ivy’s trust, they terrorized her, they cut her off from all family and more. Here is the settlement http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/ivysettle.pdf , Glen and Lorraine were removed as trustee and the house they bought with her money sold. Sadly nobody thought to protect the woman who told her doctor this, http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/ivydoc.pdf used in the case file (mental illness is a constant theme as you will see)  then on 11-26-1993, this happened http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=thomas&GSfn=ivy&GSby=1919&GSbyrel=in&GSdyrel=all&GSst=48&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=98332857&df=all& just shy of 13 months of being removed from the trust. *now see drgreenivy for the action involving my grandmother’s death and cover-up*   Before I take Ivy’s tale any further let me note that this next part, I cannot get the death certificate because Ivy’s two children are still alive. I know what the death certificate stated because the State of Virginia used that document to revoke the signers medical license (see the above mentioned documents). Also let me note that I never knew the truth about Ivy’s case until after my custody fight began, you are taught at a young age never to question Glen or Lorraine.   The last 13 months of Ivy’s life she lived retrained to a bed and medicated, by Lorraine with Haldol intramuscular injection, which she wasn’t supposed to possess or inject. I was told she had severe Alzheimers and was a danger to herself and others hence being restrained. I was set to have a mandibular osteotomy for TMJ, it was a long surgery and required a stay in the hospital. I honestly don’t remember how many days it was, I think 5. The surgery was done by Dr. Donald Tilghman at University of Maryland Medical Center. Because the surgery was a big one the family got together the night before at the farm house Glen and Lorraine now had to rent with their money.   As my husband, Mark (Trevor and Mason’s father) and I were leaving, Glen said to me, “you need to go say goodbye to your grandma”. I told him, “I already did”. He said, “no, I mean you need to say goodbye, grandma isn’t going to make it a week.” I laughed and said, “dad, grandma is healthy as a horse, its just her mind that is going”. He grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, then he said, “Racquel, I am serious, please go say your goodbyes”. I think this was Nov. 21st , but I don’t have my TMJ records to be absolute. On the day I was discharged, Mark and Glen were both acting weird. My mouth was wired shut. Glen said, “I have to tell you something, you can’t get upset but Grandma passed away last night and we are burying her immediately.   Had I known then what I learned after Glen and Lorraine pulled an “Ivy” on me, during my custody fight, I would’ve never told the police what I did.  Weeks after my grandmother was buried, Joyce, Glen’s other sister accused my parents of murder. I was always told Joyce was nuts (always the go to claim for these two) so when the police called me looking for Lorraine, who was hiding out in my apartment, I told them my parents could never do such a thing. It wasn’t until later I realized I was most likely wrong. It wasn’t until later that Glen confessed to me during one of our nightly walks. He said, “honey, I am scared to die. I know I am going to hell for what I did to my mom”. He wouldn’t elaborate and I just thought he regretted whatever happened with the trustee problems. My mistake was asking Lorraine, what Glen meant.   Ivy died in that rented house, the police and coroner were never called. The funeral home picked her up and started prepping her body. In Virginia where they lived at that time, if one is “terminal” and a doctor signs the death certificate, there doesn’t need to be any investigation. The doctor who signed the death certificate that he was her doctor was in fact only Glen and Lorraine’s weight loss doctor and personal friend, Dr. SM Green. Ivy was NEVER his patient, she never left that house that last year and there was no home healthcare either, I still don’t know how Lorraine got ahold medication she was injecting into Ivy. No, Dr. Green, friend or not, he didn’t make house calls. Dr. SM Green listed cause of death as Alzheimer, people do not die from Alzheimer’s, they die from complication from it, it wasn’t a valid cause of death.   I have emails from the State of Virginia Medical Board *see William Harp email and previously mentioned state action *. If needed, I am sure I can prove it was SM Green who signed it and listed cause of death as well. I only found out when trying to wrap my head around all the why, why me? I called the every funeral in Herndon, VA, where Ivy is buried and asked if they had record of my grandmother’s death as I need to find who signed it and the listed cause of death. I included this info to the state in the aforementioned email *see attached email titled Capt Beckman* Lorraine threw a fit when she discovered my complaint and discovery of the death certificate. *this is important when I start talking about Lorraine’s mother Tillie aka Lee (which is what she preferred to be called, she hated the name Tillie)*.   I need you to remember the name SM Green, because he continues to be involved when Glen and Lorraine sued for custody of my boys, stole all my money, left me homeless and had local cops thinking I was coming to kill my children (the 911 call, when I get to that please listen).   Ivy’s will divided her money equally to her 3 children. That money didn’t last long for Glen and Lorraine. They needed money. Then Tillie “Lee” Meyer flew up from Florida to visit Glen and Lorraine and she was never allowed to leave. She had a house and boyfriend in Lake Wales. Lorraine berated her until she capitulated to her daughter’s demands. Lee wasn’t even allowed to go get her belongings, Lorraine told the real estate agent what SHE, Lorraine, wanted her to pack and what could be sold. When the house and possessions sold, Glen and Lorraine had funds again. Lorraine then had my Poppy, Joseph Meyer’s body exhumed and reburied at Rest Haven Memorial Garden, here http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=meyer&GSfn=joseph&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=22&GScnty=1196&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GRid=96142940&df=all& please note that Lee’s (she hated being called Tillie) is listed with her husband’s. Lee was catholic, very catholic, she didn’t believe in cremation. Lorraine hated her catholic upbringing so she wouldn’t allow Lee to go to Mass, if she went to church it would be Baptist. Even then she wanted to be buried, I can’t imagine she would’ve  change her mind but knowing Glen and Lorraine, they got her to say she wanted to in writing.   Glen and Lorraine blew through the sale of Lee’s life fast so there would be no inheritance to split with anyone. It’s the only thing that kept Lee alive all those years. After all she got SSI, but she didn’t get it, Lorraine did. You will see later, even if someone has their “own” checking account, Lorraine considers your money her money. Just as Trevor, an adult, has no access to his fund, nor has he been told how much he really gets.   Lee was cut off from all family just like Ivy. According to Trevor, Lorraine eventually allowed her sister Barbara (I can only hope my letter to my cousin Joe, Barbara’s son, is what pushed Barbara to put her foot down) in to visit but refused to allow her sister Nancy to see her mother. Lorraine says Nancy is cruel. While Lee died in a hospice, I cannot help to wonder why my catholic grandma, with a plot next to her husband was cremated.   At some point, I don’t know when exactly, Trevor will have this info. Glen and Lorraine got their hands on Lee’s sister Emma. Glen and Lorraine hated that woman, growing up, Aunt Emma was known as the floozy gold-digger. She only married for money and many times. I am pretty sure she was without children as well. Trevor can tell you where and when she died. I do know Lorraine took out a loan in Emma’s name as Lorraine was sued for the funds after Emma died. The bank claimed Lorraine promised to repay the loan in the event of death. At the time I saw this, Frederick Court lookup had this noted on the online docket entry, however, I cannot seem to locate that note now, I believe it was this case #110100022512010. Ask Trevor, he was suspicious that I not only knew about the vehicle accident in Florida (where Emma lived) but they had also claimed yet another victim, this time one that probably (if I cannot prove it, I will not say it as fact) had money and no heir. Now they have a new mark in their sights, Mable and Edward Whiter, as they have no children and a lot of money!   Okay, I told you this would be long and we still have a long way to go. Now my story so lets travel back in time again. In 1993 after failing to conceive a child with Mark, my doctor based on the pain I always had started to question if I had endometriosis. Let me stop for a moment, you might be asking yourself why the heck is this woman telling me this and I assure you, you will see very quickly. A laparoscopy was done, endo was confirmed, stage 3, and the endo strangled appendix was removed as well as removing endo from one twisted up ovary. I was then placed on Lupron Depot for 6 months. We got pregnant with Mason right after the injections were stopped.   Both Mark and I worked full time and Lorraine demanded she be allowed to babysit her only grandson. Now we lived in Sudbrook Park (close to Baltimore) and Lorraine in Frederick (over an hour away). It wasn’t long before she started complaining the drive was too much for her “MS”. Remember Dr. SM Green, the weight loss doc? That was who diagnosed her and filled out her disability claim, first through her employer, (the job she had to get after being removed as Ivy’s trustee), and later SSDI. Around 1985, while still living in Winter Haven, Florida (where I lived since 6 months – almost 16), Lorraine started doctor shopping for an MS diagnosis but couldn’t get one. If only Glen had listen the doctor who had tested Lorraine for everything during her hospitalization and found nothing, maybe things would’ve been different. He took Glen out of the room and told him his wife was mentally ill and should be hospitalized for that not MS. How do I know, because on the long drive home, Glen was mad and said he would never put his wife in a “nuthouse”. However the lack of diagnosis didn’t stop Lorraine and Glen from telling everyone she had MS from 1985 on. I know up until 1999 she had never taken a single MS medication, go fig. I have honestly never seen a case where attacks only happen when she wants something, wants attention or to guilt you.   Sorry, I digress, back to these “ms” attacks where she couldn’t drive to care for our son but could keep him Mon evening-Th, my work schedule, we could come visit and have our son Thur evening-Mon morning. Please understand, if you don’t give Lorraine what she wants she makes your life a living hell. Around the time Mason was 1, my OB said, if you are going to have another child you better do it now.   *Let me stop to note something important. Several weeks before Trevor contacted me, I found out through SSI that he had been receiving SSI since age 4. I come to find out, Trevor was diagnosed as fetal alcohol syndrome, not by the pediatrician, Dr. Paul Feinberg I took the boys to while in my care but by Lorraine’s doctor, a Dr. Saeed Zaidi, Frederick, MD according to Trevor, ie I lack that proof, not doubt my son. Understand I was trying to get pregnant, I didn’t drink while trying and I didn’t drink while pregnant. I don’t drink period now, I have a bad reaction to alcohol stemming from alcohol poisoning at almost 17. This OD was a mistake not a suicide attempt. Understand my “wild period” stemmed from Lorraine taking me with her to find my father and his mistress, having me open the car door to find his mistress hiding crouched down low in front of the passenger seat, half naked.  Lorraine then demand we all immediately move to Chantilly VA.  Yes, I started drinking more, Glen and Lorraine let me drink with them from a young age. I drank tequila, smoked a lot of weed and tried coke twice but hated it. After my OD, I have never smoked weed again. I went 4 years without alcohol, Mark thought it was silly I didn’t drink at all so on my 21st birthday I had my first drink in 4 years. Then it was another 4 years until I had a drink.  I remember it well, I was crying because Lorraine was keeping Mason away from us. I can count on one hand how many times I drank because Lorraine was keeping our son away from us.*   Back to trying to get pregnant: Not too long this time, I was pregnant with Trevor. Around and honestly I cannot remember exactly the weeks, it was either 16-20 weeks pregnant I was ready to tell Lorraine, Mason and Trevor would be in daycare. I was an office manager for a dental practice in Parkville, Dr. Gunner Fisher, a patient, don’t remember her name, had a daycare in her home. She lived close enough to my office that I could even have lunch with my kids, plus she had an opening for infant and toddler. When I got home, I called Lorraine. I told her Mason was starting this daycare immediately and Trevor would be enrolled after my maternity leave was up. *Now Trevor has been told that he was supposed to be aborted, I think this was when he started question what he was being told. If I remember him correctly he caught them changing their story by accident*   Lorraine flew into a rage. She told me she never wanted to see the child I was carrying. She screamed at me how attached she was to Mason and I was a cruel bitch for taking him away from her. I cried all night and the next day at my OB appointment my blood pressure was high and I was dumping protein, I was placed on bedrest for toxemia. Dr. Robert Ottenritter, Towson, was my doctor. Had I known my son would later be diagnosed as FAS, I would’ve had my records to back all this up too. Lorraine berated me daily about our decision to use daycare instead of “the child’s loving nana”. My blood pressure continued to climb, my platelets were dropping and I was dumping a lot of protein. At what we thought was 37 weeks I was induced. Trevor’s lungs had not fully developed so he had to spend a few days in ICU while receiving meds to speed that process along.   To top matters off, my epidural was botched and I developed a spinal fluid leak which resulted in a two week non-stop spinal headache. As a result of this headache, Lorraine demanded the boys and I stay in the home she and Glen rented, now in Walkersville. A few days later, by phone Mark not only tells me he wants a divorce but he was having an affair. Now Lorraine had me right where she wanted me. *note when you get to the custody evaluation, none of this is mentioned by Weaver. She claimed that I had a normal pregnancy and delivery, because that is what Glen and Lorraine claimed. I now knew no matter what documents I provided nobody would be listening to me*   I wanted to stay in my Sudbrook Park home and continue with my plan, but no, Lorraine wouldn’t have that. I had to quit my job and look for work in Frederick. I took a $5/hr pay cut to work at what was called Mamsi, now UnitedHeathcare in their call center. Lorraine wanted a bigger house, one she owned so I worked overtime in claims processing on the weekend as Lorraine demanded more and more money. One day she needed to reach me at work, my pager didn’t alert me and I couldn’t take personal calls, I was to blame. Trevor was sick and I had to take him to the doctor, he had RSV.   You need to understand, Mason was her favorite, she never treated Trevor the way she treated Mason. Mason was de facto hers and Trevor mine. When I would get Mason and Trevor ready for their baths, Lorraine would say to Mason, “tell mommy you want to take a bath with papa”. Since Glen was naked, I could bathe Mason. At bedtime, Mason wasn’t allowed in his bed. Lorraine would say “tell mommy you want to sleep with Nana and Papa”. While Trevor slept in my room and in his crib. If I ever put him in my bed, I was verbal accosted by Lorraine, saying I was spoiling him.   After Trevor’s bout in the hospital I started seeking another job. I found one in Gaithersburg with a husband and wife dental team, their name escapes me right now. I was back to my old wages and job as office manager. Lorraine’s verbal abuse grew daily. It got worse after I gave them the down payment for the house they currently own and following Glen’s comment about “going to hell”. This is the same house where they still reside with Trevor and Mason. I also had to pay half their mortgage, yet I was not listed on any legal papers. My divorce became final in 1998 Andersen  after that I couldn’t do anything right. I was constantly flustered at work because of it. Then December came along and with it Lorraine’s birthday. I was in a rush to get to work and that morning didn’t tell Lorraine happy birthday. Within hours the phone rings in my office, it’s Lorraine screaming at how thoughtless I was, that I was a selfish bitch who only cared about herself, after all she has done for me, how dare I forget her birthday.   I was in a state of panic. I went to lunch as soon as I got off the phone, went to the florist, bought the most expensive bouquet that could be delivered to our home in Frederick within the hour. I was a wreck, so when I got back to my office I locked my keys in the car with it running, not realizing I had done so until 6 hours later. It wasn’t even my car, Lorraine made me sell my car right after I was trapped in her home, after all Mark was divorcing me, “we”, meaning her, needed the money. The car I was using belonged to a male nurse I had been dating for a few months. Lorraine saw her opportunity to sabotage that one. By the time I got home, she had already told Robin not only did I forget her birthday but what I did to his car, he was pissed. Those expensive flowers I sent, well they were proudly displayed in the trash.   It’s now almost Christmas, my boyfriend hates me, he only ever sees the nice Lorraine, so how could I be so heartless to forget this saintly woman’s birthday after all she has done for me? I am stressed beyond belief, who the heck wouldn’t be? So, the LCSW Lorraine had found for me, through Dr. SM Green (she had worked with her husband at Dr. Green’s weight loss clinic, remember him right?), *anyone recall the Starr Chamber/Bill/Monica? See attached hearing transcript -see starrreport * Kathleen Estep, Lorraine called her and said I was depressed. Lorraine put me on the phone with Kathleen, where she proceeded to tell me how I needed to check myself into the hospital. She then said, “they will not admit you unless you tell them you want to kill yourself”. I didn’t want to go and that was the first time Lorraine said, “either you go or I will take your children” so I went. This happened 3 more times, the same threat, a different hospital each time along with a new diagnosis.   It was at the last when all heck broke loose at Chestnut Lodge formerly in Rockville, MD. At a family meeting my discharge plan was discussed. The doctors there saw Lorraine and Glen’s manipulation that other hospitals failed to catch. The staff and doctors got to the heart of my problems and the plan was to get a place with my boys, on my own. Glen and Lorraine had brought Kathleen Estep to this discharge planning family meeting, which she later claims said meeting occurred when I was at a different hospital, here http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/estep.php  *ask yourself what kind of heath professional doesn’t document the exact date she was present, its because she was at the discharge planning session, unlike her letter states. Now see this document kathleenesteprefuses, that is the attorney who was supposed to protect my boys saying how he was being denied their records, why?* Notice how Mason allegedly told Kathleen and Lorraine, not his mother that his father abused him? My ex, he didn’t express emotion, that’s why I had no clue he wanted a divorce. Now after, what I would later find out my boys were told about me, I know that was a lie to push Mark out too.   As I said before in that Estep letter, Kathleen, didn’t note the day, just sometime in July. Was it the part of July I was at Finan or the other part when I was admitted to Chestnut Lodge on the 15th? Why no date, surely she keeps records with dates? The reason is simple she was at my discharge meeting which was in Aug. Within days Glen calls the hospital to tell them I am now homicidal. Stating I had called to tell him I was going to kill myself and children. My discharge plan is gone, now an OUTSIDE psychiatrist must be brought in to evaluate me by law, since I was now accused of threatening to kill. This bought them the time to get this http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/exparte.php and this http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/pleading.htm   Please pay attention to what I was accused of in those court records. You also need to understand Chestnut Lodge did not allow children. So at this time I had only talked to my boys on the phone, and never to discuss my plans to move the boys away from their grandparents, as Estep claims. What mother in her right mind would tell that to a 4 and a half year old anyways? She would have to be crazy, oh that’s right supposedly I was, got it.   At the time of their complaint for custody, not a cyfd complaint, just a lawsuit, on 8-20-99 it had been over a month since July 14th, my baby boy’s 2nd birthday, since I had seen my children. Since that time I have not seen my boys *not even in pictures, see the following letters to Hockman, Schaffer and markdenial* and until just recently, I have not been allowed to see or talk to them all these long years.   Now contrast the complaint for custody to this http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/masondv.pdf  (look at all the check boxes) and http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/mason-letter.pdf The restraining order application was dismissed case 1101sp000292013, I really need to get the audio recording of the hearing to get hear what was verbally claimed. Note Mason wasn’t even told my real middle name Renée, not May. All I did was call on Mason’s 18th birthday. Glen answered and all I asked was to speak to Mason. Glen replied “he doesn’t want to talk to you. I said, “Mason is an adult, let him tell me that” and I was hung up on. I didn’t call back so I have no idea what Mason is referring to in his letter, just more parental alienation.   Okay back to 8-14-99 and the outside psychiatrist coming to evaluated me, the alleged homicidal lunatic. http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/checkup.php Understand something as you read this, Kathleen and Lorraine had me convinced my ex-husband was an alcoholic abusive man, after all Mason said so, who would think a therapist and grandma made this allegation up? Mark liked to have a drink after work, one and that only started after Lorraine started hijacking our son during the week. That woman could drive Buddha to become an alcoholic, seriously.   I was then cleared to leave, after all I had started getting SSDI, had just gotten the back payment plus 2 more checks direct deposited into my account. I could get a place no problem, right? No, not right, Lorraine cleaned me out using a 2 year old Power of Attorney I signed when I had to have surgery just a little over 2 months after Trevor’s birth (I was told it had been destroyed following my surgery), remember endometriosis, yeah, another one of those http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/bankrecs/poa.htm   The following bank records have clickable links highlighted green. http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/bankrecs/july.htm#ss Two days after my outside eval I have a zero balance http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/bankrecs/august.htm my discharge is delayed again, while the hospital finds a shelter for me to go to.   I was homeless in Rockville with no id, no bank card as Lorraine had everything. If I didn’t  get to the bank in Frederick before Lorraine, for my Sept payment, I didn’t know what I would do and I didn’t know how I would get there. I had been talking to a branch manager at the location where I opened the account, this account was only in my name. This is where it gets really crazy.  http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/bankrecs/august.htm   The letter at the bottom from FCNB is in reference to http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/911report.pdf and here is the call to 911, seriously this is important. That call, Kathleen Estep states Mason inadvertently overheard and suffered badly, that’s the 911 call, otherwise why spell kill to the operator? Any almost 5 year old knows when adults spell words its bad. Here is a transcript I typed out of the call http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/911.php and the file https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEOPEk5bx9E&feature=youtu.be  You have to hear it, she is so scared of me coming there she is crying. Here is a letter from SSA to Sen Bartlett http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/bartlettssa.pdf, after Lorraine complained that she was removed as my payee. After I got my money (oh, check out how she had the bank reopened my overdraft acct so she could take out the full line of credit, $500.) Then she went to SSA, to become my payee and was granted it, with a letter from Dr. Zaidi, claiming I was incompetent to handle my funds, another doctor lying for Lorraine claiming he examined me while I was supposedly dodging the process server. A little hard to find someone who is living on the streets, go figure! I only caught it when giving SSA my new checking account info for my direct deposit. Imagine my fright! *note, these docs were on a website talking about my case. The part redacted out was a mistake the SSA agent, remember the telephone game, she claimed my therapist said I never threatened my parents but in my depression may have threatened my children. I immediately asked my therapist about this claim to which she denied. She stated by law had they even suspected I made such claims I would’ve been committed not released*. I am trying to find the original one so keep in mind I am trying to remember what the SSA agent stated to the best of my ability.   Note through this who scenario how Lorraine constantly changes bits and pieces to suit her agenda.   Glen and Lorraine told the cops I was coming to kill my kids. Had I been fool enough to show up at their house, to see my boys, I have NO doubt Glen would’ve shot me and claimed self defense. They have already had Trevor arrested, already had him hospitalized several times and drugged. He has no access to his money, doesn’t know how much he gets, has no say in how it is spent, any of this sounding familiar?   The courts denied me a hearing for 18 months, then we had a short hearing where the judge stormed out of the room after hearing the 911 call. What was he going to do now? I was pro se, I had no money for a lawyer, so the judge orders a custody evaluation, even though there had been no further hospitalization and I was working at United Heathcare dental division in Bethesda as senior claims adjuster ie I fixed our mistakes.   By this time I had remarried the man that saved me from being homeless and the only one besides the docs at Chestnut Lodge who didn’t think I was completely nuts. After all, anyone who willingly goes into a psych hospital must be crazy?   The custody evaluator Debra Weaver didn’t do her job. I told her everything I have told you except she got hard clean copies of everything I linked you to and her is what she said http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/weaver.pdf *Dr. Paul Feinberg, Frederick, MD was my sons pediatrician until he confronted Lorraine with what she was doing, he never saw my kids again, this “evaluator never made any attempt to contact anyone who saw my boys while in my care!* When you get to Mike’s eval (my husband of 17 years and father to our two boys- so much for docs telling me my clock was ticking from endo), pay attention. Mike expresses concern about giving too much info because Lorraine and Glen would only twist it and use it against us. He proceeds to tell her about his first marriage as a teenager after he got his girlfriend pregnant. Their baby was stillborn. This is what Lorraine did after my son Caleb was born. Since she called cyfd anonymously I can’t prove it’s her, here is the report, cyfd redacts out certain info, http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/cyfd2001.pdf Now my husband had suspicious deaths of infants. Sound familiar? We were treated like criminals at that first visit. *CYFD findings*.   When I received Debra Weaver’s report in April 2000 I was devastate, the only doctors she spoke to were ones that started treating the boys after I was removed from their lives, like this guy http://magicboxsoftware.com/keiths/sunderland.php if you blow it up it’s readable. Understand when these scans were made, they were compressed for a website in 1999, remember bandwidth issues?  Right now though, with my son in the same situation I was in, there is no time to go find the hard drive the original ones are on.   The day I read that report all I could think of was 1 Kings 3:16-28. I couldn’t have Glen and Lorraine cut my boys in two. If I walked away, after all I was labeled as crazy, perhaps Glen and Lorraine would stop their parental alienation. Perhaps they would even love my boys and treat them well, at least as much as I did. I should’ve known better. My parents were not kind my entire life, why should I expect anything else for my boys? Because grandparents always treat grandchildren better than they did their own children, at least mine did. Lorraine was the worst, she was the hitter. She used a leather belt for spanking but her preferred form of punishment was a slap to the face, and that was often. I still flinch anytime something quick happens close to my face. Like someone brushing a stray hair from my face. After I was out of the picture, then Mark and his parents were cut out of the boys lives as well, remember Ivy?   I have not been hospitalized or medicated again. We have lived here in NM for 14 years, not so much as a speeding ticket, no arrest, no nothing. A deputy did come out to our house once, the reason you might ask? I have a ferret rescue, a woman surrendered her sick and dying ferret as her boyfriend won’t take Chewie to the vet. I told her she could visit him any time she want but after I took him to the vet, she wouldn’t get him back. $400 later Chewie was on the mend and the boyfriend called the sheriff saying I stole his ferret. Needless to say, no charges were filed as I didn’t steal Chewie.   There are other documents attached in this email. These documents are examples of what Lorraine does when she doesn’t get her way. She filed a complaint against the only hospital that saw through all of Glen and Lorraine’s manipulation. When she gets mad she files complaints against whomever is on my side. When Trevor gets here I expect no different from her.   Tonight Trevor alerted me to increased abuse, this time coming from my eldest son, Mason. Trevor has asked that I get him here sooner than the 18th. I don’t know how I can get him out of the house though, at least not before school reconvenes on 1-3-17. I honestly fear for his safety as I know exactly what these people are capable of doing.   Sincerely, Racquel Morris